conducted by Mareike Schnitker
This workshop is offered to actors and theatre people who are interested in completing and perfecting their training while discovering new styles of theatrical play.
To put on a mask corresponds to the old, childlike and primitive principle of Homo Ludens, which is the very essence of theatre: to pretend to be another, to transform oneself in order to become another thing.
We have seen incredible people on the streets. They were grotesque, pathetic, burlesque, and we have said: What a character! What a face! We could even say... a mask!
Mareike Schnitker
Program of workshop:
Neutral mask (masks by Sartori)
Expressive mask (masks by Erhard Stiefel)
Larval mask (masks by Willy Seefeldt)
Mareike Schnitker
It is the perfect opportunity to begin mask work or to further one’s studies by exploring the principle stages of Jacques Lecoq’s pedagogy with an actress who, right beside the Master, participated in the Parisian school’s most fertile and creative years, and who is amongst the protagonists of the last decade of European theatre.
Besides clothes for physical training, actors and actresses must bring jackets, trousers, cloaks, hats, skirts, shoes, handbags, backpacks, suitcases, Sunday and travelling clothes, etc.
It will be useful to bring caps or tights in order to cover the hair.
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Info and Contact:
Burlesk Center ℅ Byland - Canton Zott 18 - 6654 Cavigliano - CH
tel 0041 (0)79 628 67 34