Pierre Byland

Author, actor, director, pedagogue, and pianist. Trained at Jacques Lecoq’s School of Theatre in Paris, where he also taught for 12 years. Co-founder of the Compagnie Byland-Gaulier, Compagnie Les Fusains with Mareike Schnitker, and the Centre National des Arts du Cirque, where he invented the FAC: the Formation for Actors of Circus and of the Art of Clown. Author, co-author, director and interpreter of scores of shows like: “Le Concert, “Les Assiettes”, “L’Homme à la valise”, “Autour d’une porte”, “Une Belle journée”, “Confusion”, “Homo Stupidens” ecc. He has collaborated as an actor with prestigious directors and authors such as: Beno Besson, Roger Blin, Samuel Beckett, Antoine Vitez, Jérome Savary, Ctibor Turba, Jan Kratochvil, Boleg Poliva, François Billedoux, Edmond Tamiz, Peter Fitzi, Jossy Wyler, Robert Bouvier, Philippe Mentha, Marcel Robert, Valentin Rossier, Claude Stratz, Hervé Loichemol ecc. Recently, he interpreted the principle role in “Bonhomme et les Incendiaires” by Max Frisch at the Comédie de Genève, directed by Claude Stratz, and “Nathan le Sage”, by Lessino, at Théâtre de Carouge, directed by Hervé Loichemol.

“...it was Pierre Byland, a student at the school before he returned to teach here, who introduced the famous red nose, the smallest mask in the world, which would help people to expose their naiveté and their fragility.” (Jacques Lecoq, “The Moving Body”, Routledge)

Photo: Marco Beltrametti