Mareike Schnitker
Parallel to her teaching studies, she also studied the piano, dance, and theatre. As an actress with the Company Carroussel in Amsterdam, she participated in the creation of many shows from 1970 to 1972. After this experience, she decided to move to Paris and attend the school of Jacques Lecoq in order to improve her craft. She stayed there two years and completed her training with one additional pedagogic year. Her research was oriented towards a theatre of creation, developing and encouraging humor, irony and the absurd. For this reason, she decided to stay in Paris and work with the Compagnie Byland-Gaulier, with which she participated in several creations. In 1981, she co-founded with Pierre Byland the Compagnie Les Fusains, with which she has made many shows. She is the mother of two girls and continues her pedagogic activities by organizing workshops for actors like The Actor and the Mask.